What does capturing your language mean?

Well, the answer is that everybody has their own unique definition. There isn’t a single, correct way to learn a language, right list of vocabulary, mobile application, or method of learning in general. You have your own method to learn and capture the language around you, which is unique to you and only you. Because of this, we at nunci believe that you should have the power to learn your next language on your own terms.

But first, a short story

Let’s say you are sitting down on the subway in Tokyo, Japan. Your Japanese lesson book is laying lazily on your lap, open to page 32. A elderly man walks onto the subway with his curiously-inquisitive pet Shiba Inu, perhaps named まるちゃん. After standing up and politely offering your seat, he smiles and says ありがとう。, then points to your shoe while continuing with 君の靴ひもは解けてしまうけど。 Baffled at what this might mean, you glance down where he is pointing and notice, to your surprise, that your shoelace has come undone. After the lightbulb flickers on, you quickly make a note of it in nunci.

The unique story above, perhaps from the perspective of a student on his first study abroad trip, illustrates a larger theme. We all have our unique and memorable experiences in life that, with a bit of note-taking, could prove to be an opportunity to learn something new. Because we are not all studying abroad in a foreign country, we need something that can adapt to our own lives.

So whether you forget the word for squash at the supermarket, learn a new idiom from a TV show, need to study homework your teacher assigned you, or simply want to memorize vocabulary for an exam, nunci can help you capture your language.

How do I capture my language?

nunci makes it possible for you to effortlessly capture notes from your personal experiences. Quickly add a note by typing, taking a picture, importing a file, and more.

Input a note with nunci

Let nunci automatically translate your notes, have a native speaker speak, capture a note with your camera, import your notes from a spreadsheet, and more. Once you start adding notes, you can study nunci’s automatically generated, intelligent flashcards to help you learn how to speak, listen, read, and write. nunci creates these flashcards straight from your notes. When you are about to forget something, nunci will remind you!

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