Keeping Track of What You Learn In Your Daily Life

Ever have those times when you write a note down about something new you learned, but seem to forget to review it over time? When you do get around to reviewing it, how do you do so? Perhaps you create flashcards manually or with another intelligent flashcard program. But how do you confirm that you are speaking, listening, reading, and writing correctly? Manually writing down these flashcards can help with reading and writing. However, speaking and listening require a native speaker to help you, or do they?

Generating Intelligent Language Flashcards

By its very nature, writing out your own flashcards helps you remember how to read and write a language. But if you go this route, you will need a fluent speaker to listen to and confirm that you are pronouncing a flashcard correctly. Some software programs can help you download arbitrary audio for your notes. However more often than not, it’s clunky, cumbersome, or just downright impossible to use. This is where nunci’s automatically generated, intelligent flashcards come into play. With nunci, you still get all the memory benefits of creating your own notes from your personal life. However, nunci does the tedious, time-consuming work of creating those flashcards and scheduling them for you.

When you input a note, nunci creates multiple flashcards to help you improve on each of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing:

  • Speaking flashcards help you remember or learn how to pronounce a note by using artificial intelligence to detect what you are saying.
  • Listening flashcards help you understand speech by listening to natural sounding, high-quality speaking.
  • Reading flashcards help you understand how to read by showing you the language you’re learning and asking you to type the translation in your native language.
  • Writing flashcards help you understand how to write by showing you your native language and asking you to type or draw the translation in the language you’re learning.

In order to master a language, you should practice all of these skills regularly. If you wish to change which skills are practiced or how nunci shows you flashcards, please see the settings page.

Studying Your Intelligent Language Flashcards

Once you have let nunci do all the hard work for you, you can study your flashcards. Head over to the study section in nunci and start studying! nunci learns from your mistakes and only shows you flashcards more often if you have trouble remembering them.

Flashcards automatically generated by a user's Vietnamese note

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