8 Tips for Developing Effective Language Study Habits

How do some people seem to learn languages so effortlessly? Do you wonder how you can do the same? Here are 8 quick tips to help you level up your language acquisition.

1. Study first thing in the morning

It gets rid of sleepiness, you’re less likely to get distracted, and it prepares you for whatever you have in store for the day.

2. Review before learning

What you don’t review, you forget forever. Start each study session by reviewing notes you have already learned, even if it means you might not have the energy to learn anything new afterward. It’s better to reinforce what you already know by learning something new and forgetting the rest. nunci’s automatically generated flashcards help you focus on what you need to learn next with spaced-repetition.

3. Make your notes personal

Effective language learners know that relating your studies to your own life improves retention ten-fold. If you’re into hiking, running, science, art, technology, or anything really, try to include those themes in the notes that you take. Use the language you’re learning in the context of activities that you enjoy, or topics that you’re passionate about.

4. Study at the same time and place

This ritual can improve your learning and context-dependent memory. Pick a quiet place void of distractions and hit the books, so to speak. Set an alarm, or use nunci’s built-in reminders so you never forget.

5. Go short, not long

Aim for studying 20 minutes every day instead of a few hours at the end of the week. Binge-learning isn’t progress. It doesn’t help you with your long-term goals.

6. Use the right tools

When using nunci, aim to study as many of the automatically generated, intelligent flashcards that you have in your study queue each morning. Pay attention to the badge on the app icon or within the app. Create a few of your own language notes from your personal life every day, study them with nunci, and put them into practice with your teacher, a friend online, a significant other, or any native speaker.

7. Rearrange the apps on your phone

Which app do you almost instinctively open when you reach for your phone? You know, the app that you can open with muscle-memory alone? Replace it with nunci. We guarantee you won’t forget that you have to study today :)

8. Find your balance

Don’t spend all your time cramming vocabulary or using your next language in a single context. Get outside your comfort zone. Learn to speak the way native speakers do by talking with people. Practice speaking and writing your own thoughts as much as listening and reading to others. Use nunci to practice all four language skills, then leave your comfort zone and practice in as many uncomfortable situations as possible.

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