7 Tips For Staying Motivated While Learning A Language

1. Find something that connects you to the language you’re learning

Use the language that you’re learning in the context of activities that you enjoy, or topics that you’re passionate about. Are you learning Italian and like cooking? Cook Italian recipes in Italian. Are you learning Japanese and like watching Anime? Watch without subtitles. Use nunci to create notes based on your personal life and experiences.

2. Set realistic, short-term goals

Setting a goal for the week can help you break the huge task of language learning down into bite-sized pieces. Try some of the following, or create your own:

  • Talk to a new native speaker
  • Capture and learn 20 new words a day with nunci
  • Hold a conversation about your favorite hobby
  • Review a little bit everyday by knocking out your flashcard queue in nunci

3. Read a book or watch a movie written by someone that inspires you

Read a book or watch a film in the language you’re learning. Reading something by someone who inspires you about a topic that you’re interested in is a great way to stay motivated. Whenever you don’t know a word, capture it with nunci.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Everyone prefers and excels at certain aspects of a language more than others. You might have perfect grammar but struggle when it comes time to have a conversation with people. You might be confident speaking and listening to native speakers, but you could pick up a textbook more often. Find what you struggle with most and practice it first. You will find a fresh perspective about a language you might already know so well.

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are four essential skills for learning a language effectively. Practice speaking and writing your own thoughts as much as listening and reading to others. Choose the language skills you would like to focus on while using nunci to generate flashcards for notes you take.

5. Reward yourself

Whenever you knock out one of the mini-goals you set for yourself (See #2), treat yourself to your favorite food or something you’ve been wanting for a while. We all tend to have long-term goals and rewards. Breaking those down into smaller pieces can help keep you motivated along the way.

6. Stay healthy

Eating your vegetables and exercising are proven to help you improve your memory, which is essential for learning a language in the long-run.

7. Think about how far you’ve come already

Instead of looking forward at how much you might have to study, look backward at how much you have accomplished so far. It’s easy to forget how much we’ve already learned. Track your progress and stick to your goals with nunci.

Let nunci help you stay motivated with daily streaks and progress towards your goals

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