Nice to meet you! My name is Nicholas Trampe and I built nunci as a way to help me master my Vietnamese.

Check your pronunciation, listening, reading, and spelling with nunci, your personal pronunciation coach. Learn languages effectively with our intelligent flashcards.

nunci is an intelligent language learning notebook, assistant, and companion that helps you record what you learn and effectively study what you record so that you can save time, learn effectively, and stay focused on what matters most. Like your own personal teacher, nunci will automatically create lessons for you based on the notes you create.

  • Create media-rich notes from your life and the world around you
  • Study your notes with our automatically-generated, intelligently-scheduled flashcards
  • Practice your pronunciation with specific feedback on your mistakes
  • Practice your listening with natural sounding, HD voices
  • Track your progress with our robust statistics
  • Personalized reminders to help you stick to your goals

Capture your language

When you learn something new, all you need to do is to input a note. nunci will take care of the rest. Notes can be sentences, words, phrases, lexemes, or any other part of the language you’re learning. Attach images, sounds, locations, text, or other data to your note to help you remember later.

Practice your language skills

With the help of nunci, you don’t need to worry about creating or organizing flashcards. nunci intelligently creates flashcards based on your notes, and then tells you when you need to study them using spaced repetition learning.

For every note that you input, nunci creates multiple flashcards to help you improve on each of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing:

  • Speaking flashcards help you remember how to pronounce a note by using artificial intelligence to detect what you are saying.
  • Listening flashcards help you understand speech by listening to a person speaking.
  • Reading flashcards help you understand how to read by showing you the language you’re learning and asking you to type the translation in your native language.
  • Writing flashcards help you understand how to write by showing you your native language and asking you to type or draw the translation in the language you’re learning.

nunci shows you these flashcards more often if you have trouble remembering them. Your flashcards are categorized into different states, depending on how long you have been studying them:

  • New flashcards have never been practiced before.
  • Learning flashcards have been practiced, but have not received good enough ratings to be placed in review.
  • Review flashcards have been practiced and rated high enough consistently to graduate from learning.
  • Relearning flashcards are review flashcards that you have rated low enough to move back to learning.

In order to master a language, you should practice all of these skills regularly. If you wish to change which skills are practiced or how nunci shows you flashcards, please see the settings page.

Track your progress

View statistics about your study habits, results, and more.

Language support

nunci supports 38 languages and counting. Please contact us if you would like another language supported.